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The Seychelle islands rise in peaks. In Victoria, the Seychelle’s capital town on Mahé Island, the citizens speak both French and English. In the past, first the French, then the English ruled the islands. Charter yachts, both bareboat and crewed, crisscross between the islands. The outer islands are a world of rock and boulder. Even underwater, granite monoliths rise like cathedrals with schools of fish meandering in and out of shadows like guided tourist groups. Birds rule the skies—tropic birds, noddies, fairy terns, shearwaters. On Aride Island, nesting birds raised such a racket that I swear I could hear them underwater. The branches in the scraggly woodland were covered with so many frigate birds the trees appeared to be fruiting. In Baie de la Raie on Curieuse, we visited a small preserve with Aldabra reef tortoises, which are as large as Galápagos tortoises. Near a coppice of coco de mer, the palms endemic to the islands of Praslin and Curieuse, we admired their nuts shaped like female buttocks. Coco de mer nuts are big. The record holder weighs in at 93 pounds.'s essential to take care of your hair and skin to  maintain your beauty. But it's not easy to do it alone. That's where we come  in. We're a full-service hair and skin salon that caters to each client's unique style and personality.


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