Charter Terms

 When is High/Low Season  When is Summer/Winter

 High Rates: Summer (July, August, Special Events)
 Low Rates: Winter (All other months) Nov 1 to June 30

 High Rates: Winter (December 15 - April 30)
 Low Rates: Summer (May 1 - December 14)
 Once you have decided to proceed with the booking, we will sign a charter contract.
 This is  between yourself, the charterer and the vessel's owner.
 The brokerage commission is included in the charter rates.

  Charter Contract Terms
  Caribbean Terms & Mediterranean Terms (MYBA) contract are regarded as the reliable 
  industry standard and is endorsed by leading London maritime lawyer.

  Caribbean Terms

  All meals included.
  Not Included: Bar, Beverages and local Taxes extra (Typical for yachts in St Martin to
  Grenada.)Port fees on some yachts.

  All Inclusive

  All inclusive normally means: Captain, professional chef, 3 meals each day with wine, full ships
  bar (excluding vintage wines, champagne, dockage and communication), water toys and all on
  deck amenities.
  All other expenses will be charged in addition to the charter rate (fuel)
  Please check with clearing house/Central Agent to confirm Rates & Terms


 Mediterranean Terms (MYBA)

  Charter of the yacht with all its equipment in working order
  Tools, stores, cleaning materials and basic consumable stores for the engine room, deck, 
  galley and cabins
  Laundry of ship's linen
  Crew wages, uniform and food
  Insurance of the yacht for marine risk and third party claims
  Insurance of the crew for employer's liability insurance.

 Plus expenses
  All other expenses will be charged in addition to the charter rate

 Plus Expenses / Aditionals Costs to the Charter Contract


 Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)

 In addition to the charter fee, you will also be asked to pay an APA of 25-30% of the charter 
 fee. This is given to the yacht in cash prior to your charter to allow the captain to buy fuel and
 provision the yacht as per your demands. At the end of the charter, the captain will produce full
 accounts of all expenditure. You will either be refunded any money not used or asked to pay
 any additional costs not covered by the APA

 All other expenses will be charged in addition to the charter rate:

 Unless specified differently, the following charges are additional :
erthing fees – vary according to the size of the charter vessel, location and time of year   
 Fuel costs – for the chartered vessel, its tenders and watersports toys
 All harbour, pilot and divers' fees      
 Customs formalities
 Water and electricity                            
 National or local taxes (where applicable)
 Food and beverages for charterers and guests                            
 Personal laundry
 All communications costs incurred by you and your guests                            
 Agents' fees when Captain has felt it necessary to use local shipping or supply agents

 Value-added tax (VAT) and other cruising fees

  In most cases worldwide, for a charter yacht to operate legally, it has to be registered as a
  commercial vessel. As a result, no VAT is therefore applicable on the charter fee. However, in
  some countries, a specific local or government tax may be applicable on the charter fee.
  These vary from country to country from - France 10% to 20% - and, in some cases, from
  yacht to yacht.


  While customary, the crew's gratuity is entirely a matter for your personal discretion.
  If you are satisfied with the level of service received on board, we would suggest an amount of
  5%–15% of the charter fee (to be split equally between the crew).

 Conditions of payment

 A deposit of 50% is required to confirm the booking when signing the charter agreement.
 The balance plus the APA, taxes, fees and a security deposit, is due four weeks prior to the
 agreed boarding date.

 If the yacht is booked under MYBA terms, you must make an additional advanced payment for
 fuel and provisioning along with the second instalment.

 The APA amount varies from yacht to yacht. When the charter is completed, the Captain will
 provide a final, itemised statement of account showing if a refund or any further cash payments are due.

                                        Grenadines III 127' 5 cabins €115,000.00 per week

                             Hazar Yildizi 57m 6 cabins €129,000.00 per week


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