Castro's Cuba: The island still dances to its own tune, but go now before it all changes

The United States revealed that travel restrictions to Cuba will be eased in the near future allowing US charter companies, and the yachting industry as a whole, to look towards Cuba as a popular destination for yachts.  Despite all the uncertainty, one thing is clear: discussions have begun, and things are changing for yachts with U.S. ties that want to visit Cuba.     

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 Cuba has a great potential of becoming a popular destination for American charter clients and so attracting the worlds superyachts to her shores. Cuba’s 3750 miles of coastline is dotted with around 200 sheltered bays, more than 4,000 keys and islets and 365 miles of beaches. Both the Atlantic and Caribbean sides of the island are sheltered by coral reefs, one of which belongs to the second-largest reef, originating in South America.

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From the wild tip of the island’s West coast, to the lush paradise of Baracoa in the far East, coral reefs, hideaways, nature havens, and dazzling white tropical beaches will lure the thrill-seeker, the romantic, the dreamer and the beach lover.

Cuba is an island paradise for the curious adventurer. Cascading waterfalls, mountain hideouts, biosphere reserves, a zoological menagerie of the world’s smallest bird, bat and frog, caves containing pre-Columbian remains, perfumed orchids, and forests of cocoa, coffee and coconut envelop this fertile land. Offshore, its warm blue waters are teeming with tropical fish and coral reefs.

Within this lush and bucolic idyll, intrepid explorers can sate their wanderlust.

The Isla de la Juventud is a real Treasure Island dangling off Cuba’s Southern coast and it boasts important pre-Columbian cave paintings buried at its southern extreme. After diving the rich waters of the Isla’s West coast, the best in the country during your luxury Cuba holiday, launch by private yacht to the golden swathes of the iridescent sands of Cayo Largo, Castaway islands, also off Cuba’s Southern coast.


Or, sail the flamingo-populated north coast from Cayo Guillermo’s Playa Pilar to uninhabited Cayo Romano and Cayo Sabinal and re-enact the Ernest Hemingway dream. These waters were a piscatorial paradise for the writer who would fish for marlin and sailfish in the sky-blue waters. Continue the bravado action by submerging at a wreck further east along the coast at Playa Santa Lucía where a close encounter with curious bull sharks is guaranteed,

For sea lovers looking for slow enjoyment of Cuba’s stunning waters and scenery, board a private yacht at the handsome French-founded port city of Cienfuegos before setting off for diminutive Trinidad, a Spanish-colonial jewel whose grand buildings are testament to the riches of the sugar trade.

Head east along the coastline to the Gardens of the Queen, thousands of scattered coral islands, hiding some of the country’s best fishing and scuba diving. Later, head further east along the wave-lashed wild southern coastline to the soulful heart of the country’s second city, Santiago de Cuba, before rounding its most eastern point to arrive at beautiful Baracoa.


Sunshine 124' 5c/12guests $75,000 per week

Camarina Royale 115' 5c/10guests $79,000/week

Never Ending  102' 5c/10guests $34,000/week

Maverick 70' 5c/12guests $40,000 per week

Nirvana cat 60' 4c/9guests $15,000 per week

Mustang 83'3c/6guests $25,500 per week


Arianna 164' 6c/12 guests $225,000 per week

Majesty III 125'  5 cabins €115,000 per week
Incredible luxury yacht 10 guestswith *** French chef

Katya 150' 6c/12 guests $147,000 per week

Takapuna 112' 4c/8guests $60,000 per week

Leopard3 30m 5c/8guests $47,500 per week

Tranquility 6c/12guests $49,950 per week

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